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Mother Earth is You, as Mother Earth is Me. We come from Mother Earth and we go back to her at the end of our journey. Mother Earth provides, food, shelter and life. Everything that is here on Mother Earth is supplied for us to use for healing. Most people do not know how powerful and amazing that crystals, gemstones, creatures of the sea and colors can be. Each piece of jewelry is designed to have certain healing properties that the crystals, gemstones, creatures of the sea and colors embody. Every piece of jewelry is different and stands for a different type of healing. When you combine certain stones they come together at a greater strength for a deeper healing. I use only real genuine stones that are all natural and untreated. Rarely will I use anything that is dyed except for druzy agates, other than that Everything is genuine 100% natural for the use of the energy that the stone embodies. I make each piece intuitively and channel what the piece can be used for. Every stone is cleansed when I receive it and then after it is made into jewelry or a product. Crystals, gemstones, creatures of the sea can heal emotionally, energetically, physically and spiritually. They heal and align the chakras, meridians and energy points. Look and see what jewelry you are drawn to. It may be that it is beautiful to you or that it embodies something that your mind, body and spirit yearn to heal. Either way, enjoy Mother Earth's gifts! Remember Mother Earth is here to heal YoU!

If you are in SEDONA, ARIZONA come check out more of Mother Earth = ME:

Art Mart of Sedona
Art Gallery
Address: 2081 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336
Phone:(928) 203-4576

Please Note: I am not a Doctor or guarantee that when you wear a certain piece that it will heal sickness or disease. I provide information of what the healing properties that the stone embody.

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