Motomo's Shop Announcement

It's been while since I updated this,,so here goes. I'm coming at the end of a long fight with stage 3 breast cancer. I lost two of my fur babies during this. Life can be more than cruel sometimes! I had my little Aspen (Samoyed) left with me to help me fight this battle. But, after loosing Luna (my female Samoyed), Aspen took it hard. They were like mother and son, so he came close to leaving me too with all his stress and worry. Thankfully,,,he made it to continue helping me. I guess you can say we helped each other to find the end. Well,,,I'm hoping close to the end of this battle for both of us.

During treatment, I wasn't able to produce, but in the last 3 months I've picked up production again and it feels wonderful! I still have to go slow, but it feels so good to be back at the dye pot. *:) And of course my Aspen is right beside me.

In the coming months, I hope to bring new colorways to my hand dyed spinning fiber and keep up with the old favorites. Recovery could take another year, but for me,,just getting back to my work/passion makes it all feel more normal and that's what I need after all of this.

In the near future,,once I undergo 1 more operation that I know of,,,I should be able to end most of this battle and get my footing to move on. Once I have the strength enough,,Aspen and I will be picking up a new fur baby. *:) She's from the Samoyed breeder I got most of my Samoyeds and she's Luna's niece! So, it will be like having a little bit of Luna back. We can't wait,,but I need to be ready and I'm still taking baby steps right now.

I want to thank all of you that took the time to read this and are interested in my work. *:)

In closing,,,,remember please,,,follow your passions! I know in going through this I need to bring more of my passions forward, so hopefully not too long,,,I'll be posting some of my artistic work along with the fibers. I can't wait! But,,one step at a time and sadly,,,as much as I want to run right now,,,I have to walk and see there's only so many hours in the day. And,,,,some of those hours will now be to entertain mediums I didn't take time for in too long.

So, keep an eye out! But, don't expect much too soon. I'm just rambling at the anxiousness I have for the near future, but still have to wrap the rest of this battle up. *;)

With Hugs,,,,

Peggy & Aspen