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Announcement   Learn to quickly build beautiful faceted gemstone jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and more. Plus we have the hard to find "themed" gemstones in lot's, kits and parcels.
MGEM gemstones are larger, specially cut for wire-working, which allow you to build entire matching "sets" of jewelry. Easy, fully illustrated, step by step DVD Tutorials show exactly how.
Don't just build solitaires or time consuming works that take "days" to make. Read on to discover how you can "systematically" build complete "themed" pieces and sets with surprising speed and "eye popping" beauty.
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Learn to quickly build beautiful faceted gemstone jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and more. Plus we have the hard to find "themed" gemstones in lot's, kits and parcels.
MGEM gemstones are larger, specially cut for wire-working, which allow you to build entire matching "sets" of jewelry. Easy, fully illustrated, step by step DVD Tutorials show exactly how.
Don't just build solitaires or time consuming works that take "days" to make. Read on to discover how you can "systematically" build complete "themed" pieces and sets with surprising speed and "eye popping" beauty.
Satisfaction guaranteed.

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How To Choose a Jewelry Making Tutorial

Choosing a jewelry making tutorial is a "crucial decision." Yet it is here, in this summary where you will discover, simple truths that can lead you on the right path to successfully making AND selling your jewelry. This very issue is also absolutely the heart and soul of the "Claw" Jewelry Making Tutorials and system as a whole.
This short summary will show you how & why quickly and easily.
We all pretty much know that Albert Einstein was a smart man. Not only did he develop the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics, but he also had numerous other works and techniques, most of which still stand today. In point, one of his renowned statements, simple as though it was, was to state that all problems could be solved mathematically.
Since we, in our jewelry making endeavor(s) are also anchored in mathematics, then our issue of deciding the correct jewelry making system comes down to simple, basic mathematics as well.
For example, most all of the tutorials available today produce some nice pieces - agreed. But what good is a tutorial or jewelry making system or technique if the work requires 25 hours of time to complete? To even make 10.00 an hour the piece would have to be sold for 250.00 (plus materials). So our first, and "core" mathematical equation is time vs. price. Our next issue would be whether learning 1 technique will suffice, or do we have to learn multiple techniques to make different pieces? Therein, our second mathematical issue is time vs. skill. How long will it take to learn numerous different techniques?
We could go on & on, but you probably already see the point overall.
Questions deserving consideration when choosing a tutorial or system is simply narrowed down to; "how long will it take to make the piece?" and "how many techniques do I have to master to be really good?"
It is here, where the "Claw" harnessing system begins to overtake all other systems available. For one, the Claw system requires you to learn 1 (ONE) technique as ALL jewelry made from the system is based upon using this same technique over & over. We use it for solitaires, for multiple gemstone works and we use it for rings, broaches and ALL other pieces of jewelry made.
Second, using the Claw program your earnings per hour should range from 20 to 60.00 USD an hour, and even much more in the master series where we build lavish, red carpet works compared to any.
And third, the Claw System is specially designed to work with faceted gemstones. A feat that was previously available only to smelters and casters with hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment capitol. While some tutorials and systems do harness faceted gemstones, most all are solitaire works exclusively, and/or require multiple techniques and/or hours and hours of time to complete to effectively.
The Claw is a systematic approach to harnessing faceted gemstones. In that system, it is no different to harness 1 faceted gemstone to harnessing 10 stones, or even 40 or 50 beautiful stones in patterns, shapes and designs never before seen being made by hand with a simple wire working tool set.
And thus, the story of this shop is summed up in the successful conquering of the mathematics of (1) earning a good wage, (2) using a single technique, (3) to make jewelry focused on faceted gemstones.
For it is the jewelry built using faceted gemstones that out-sells all others. The jewelry networks on TV clearly demonstrate the top sellers, and in every instance, on every network, the faceted gemstones out sell all other jewelry types by hundreds to 1.
So, in selecting a jewelry tutorial, the answer is simple; (1) Use math. (2) Choose to make the jewelry that sells the most. (3) Choose a system that is the easiest to learn so your production efforts are systematically simple and fast. And,(4) Choose one where your hourly wage is the highest.
We did and it is the basis for our success and the reason why the Claw tutorials have been working for myself and others for nearing 10 years.

In conclusion, there is one other issue to consider; "your faceted gemstones." There are MANY choices to obtain lots of "mixed" gemstones, all at seemingly incredible prices. But in reality, your potential is just a bag of solitaire pieces when completed. The "mix" as you can clearly see, contains all different sizes, shapes, types & colors of gemstones.
To build "eye popping" incredible jewelry, the stones must be "themed"; "the 12 stone necklace should match the 9 stone bracelet, and all other "set" pieces should match in type and color." How can you build matching sets with a bag full of a hundred different types, sizes & shapes of mixed gemstones?
The "themed" faceted gemstones are the last piece of the equation: the "icing" on the cake of the Claw that has worked together to achieve success.

Thank You for reading our story.
I wish you success as well.

aka: MrGemStoneEyes

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    Former shipbuilding training instructor invents "the Claw"; a faceted gemstone harnessing technique that will allow you to build beautiful faceted gemstone jewelry. "Some of man's greatest achievements came through hardship." Mine was no different.

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Either way, if you want to really start making and selling jewelry, you'll need to add faceted gemstones to your work and displays.
You can learn how right here, right now.

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It is simply to many to list.