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MrLegendaryLeather's Shop Announcement

Welcome! Mosey on in and sit 'urself right down and take a gander at what I've got to offer! If you are a fan of fine crafted bovine hide, you've come to the right place!

I developed an interest in leather-crafting back in my Boy Scout days. Around the same time, I also acquired what would eventually develop into an overwhelming interest in knives. As I grew older, I unknowingly "married" my two interests together and would occassionally craft a knife sheath to satisfy the "leather craving" within, sometimes with years in between crafted projects.

In my 40's, I added rifle and pistol shooting to my list of hobbies, while my curiosities about the old west developed into a passion for more knowledge about the "cowboy". Once again, "marrying" my interests, I discovered the "Single Action Shooting Society" (SASS) which is an international organization that was created to preserve and promote the sport of cowboy action shooting. SASS members share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West and competitive shooting; "Each participant is required to adopt a shooting alias appropriate to a character or profession of the late 19th century, a Hollywood western star, or an appropriate character from fiction. Their costume is then developed accordingly. Many event participants gain more enjoyment from the costuming aspect of the sport than from the shooting competition, itself." . . . the key word in this quote being "costuming" . . .

In my enthusiasm to develop the ultimate cowboy costume, I called upon all of my resources and interests, which encompassed everything that would be needed to satisfy yet another "calling". The variety in my leather-crafted projects is a testament to my growth in crafting the bovine hide. With each new creation, I carefully refine and hone my skills.

The imagination holds endless possibilities . . . and I eagerly seek the "dusty old trail" I will travel to create every one of them!

Visit to see new projects that I'm in the process of creating.


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