MsStikDesigns' Shop Announcement

I make One-of-a-Kind Handmade Jewelry using new and vintage repurposed pieces. I see something and envision what is could be and try to bring it to light.

Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting. My shop is definitely still a work in progress, so please be gentle.

I would always see various bits and pieces and I would envision what they could be but always passed them by. Finally I decided to start picking up those pieces and bring my ideas to life.

Just recently I was going through boxes in my mom's garage and came across a bunch of costume jewelry from my grandma. Mostly it was clip-on earrings. All these interesting pieces were just sitting in a box being unappreciated. So I said, "Heck, I can repurpose these into things that can be beautiful and used again." I will be slowly making and adding those pieces to my shop, too.

I hope you enjoy all my creations!