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Happily Imperfect

My name is Murphy Adams and mostly I'm a painter. I live in Northern California with a nutty professor of a husband, a bunch of rescue critters and my nearly grown up kids pop in from time to time. Lucky me, I get to make art full time.

My work is about the familiar, the everyday fodder that makes us all human. I love bright, pure color and I love words. I work from my own personal assumption that most everything is funny...unless it's desperately sad. That said, my art is completely dependant upon my mood. I sketch my ideas on backs of envelopes or sometimes in an actual sketchbook and often write memorable phrases or bits of overheard conversations on the palm of my hand. I've always been a bit of a storyteller, each piece is a narrative, part of a bigger story. I gather up my little notes and drawings and I put words and pictures together into small compositions. My titles are as much a part of the piece as the image, sometimes the words come first, sometimes not. I like working small, they feel more like stolen moments that way; although every now and then I'll get a wild hair and paint something big.

My works are mixed media, I layer a combination of pencils, acrylics and inks with tiny brushes on watercolor paper or Masonite. I’m the color outside the lines type, so sometimes I need to use my left hand to achieve a loose and happily imperfect result.

I've been showing my work pretty steadily in several galleries for about 12 years and for the past few years here on Etsy. I love that a person from some faraway place can find me, connect with my work, and a little chunk of my imagination can find a home anywhere on the planet.

Currently, I'm experimenting with hand-built clay pieces, doing a lot of sewing, and trying my hand at baking. The last two are hilarious… I should just stick to art.

For more me, I have a portfolio website at
Murphy Adams
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I'm a painter and ceramicist from Northern California.

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