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mu·se·um (myo͞oˈzēəm) n. Building where objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored & exhibited.
shoppe (ʃɒp) n. An archaic spelling of shop to imbued a store with old-fashioned charm or quaintness.

After a day at the Museum, one of my favorite leisure day activities, I often stop by the Museum Store to see what they have chosen for their collection. Inspired by the great Museums of the world, I've created Museum Shoppe to share handmade Fine Art Paintings, Abstract Artwork, Pendant Necklaces and Natural Stone Jewelry.

The old world spelling of Shoppe brings to mind a store of curiosities. My work concentrates on Nature and the Metaphysical properties of gemstones and minerals. The healing properties of a stones are dependent on their genuinely, and I source stones from select gemstone and mineral distributors here in New York. I also collect stones for tumbling (polishing process) during my travels, and offer a selection of found stones from Mountainous New York State, Hudson Highlands, Lake Michigan, and Atlantic Ocean pendant necklace jewelry.

All jewelry and abstract artwork is handmade and painted by myself, Elizabeth Fonacier, in Brooklyn, New York City, where I also source my silver and gold chain necklaces. Enjoy looking around, and let me know if I can help. Custom handmade astrology necklaces, astrology jewelry, numerology jewelry, birthstone necklaces and birthstone pendant jewelry is always available and made to order.

The Abstract Art in Museum Shoppe is designed to give splashes of tasteful color to everything from modest minimal to regency home decor. Represented by galleries and businesses throughout New York City, I've listed the special artwork here at Museum Shoppe specially for the etsy community. Abstract artwork, nebulous clouds, organic matter, and natural compositions materialize through a meditative and methodical painting process. Collecting this work is an investment in the artwork of an emerging New York Artist. I'm very excited to share these little pieces with you! Please message me for custom Giclee Prints of Original Drip Splatter Artwork.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.