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Enriching your life through fungal affairs

"Starting in the center, just as it's perched in ecology, we’ll begin with the mycelium. A vast array of hyphal threads networking through its surroundings, utterly unbiased to anything other than its genetic program, determined from spore. One of intricately exact and precise grace in design. Not overcrowding itself or other necessary organisms. Fractal-like in expression, any given bio-environment is fed through its genetic equation several generations over. As if every single chemical event unfolding around and inside it were being stored as data. A negotiation in the unknown, potentially triggering dormant genes to be activated or active genes to be shut off, changing the DNA of the next generation to be more adaptive to the conditions of the current environment. I like to think that once we see fungi in this way there is a universal understanding about the action of DNA throughout the Universe. That most complex of vibratory frequencies always adding new harmonics unheard until the necessary resonance brings forth its expression, adding balance to the symphony of nature." -Michael, owner/CEO of MushroomLife

Michael Weese is a mycologist and fungal enthusiast in the Mid-Atlantic. His work involves being a local teacher, guide, consultant, mushroom cultivator, photographer, permaculturist, ecologist, environmental steward, conservationist and friend to nearly all he meets. Michael influences many people across the globe to both forage and cultivate their own mushrooms through sharing his knowledge and experience online, in the classroom, and in the field. Michael’s photography was published in "The Journal of Wild Mushrooming." Michael manages nine online forums, with the intention of spreading fungal/mushroom awareness, promoting a fair price market, and decreasing apathy through the constant demonstration of local fungal beauty and diversity.

Mandie received her Masters degree in Biochemistry from the University of the Sciences, with a concentration in Pharmacognosy, the study of natural products as drugs. One day she was chilling in her Professors lounge in grad school when she stumbled upon a copy of HerbalGram, with a stunning Reishi mushroom on the cover. The article touted the medicinal benefits of Reishi, the "herb of deathlessness." Mandie was shocked by the robust efficacy of Reishi as a supplement, and concomitantly bewildered as to why everyone wasn't using fungal supplements in their daily routine. She was so enchanted that she chose projects that were focused around fungi for the rest of her graduate learning career. Examples of her research papers include, "Exploration of the Chemopreventative, Immunostimulatory, and Radioprotective Properties of the Fungus Ganoderma Lucidum: A Prospective Supplement for Cancer Patients." In the Spring of 2014, she designed her own class (CH888Graduate Project) entitled, "Biochemical Breakdown of Lignin into Components of Commercial Value: Green Biochemistry Methods for Ligninolysis." Mandie met Michael the year after she graduated. They both understood that together their knowledge and experience with the fungal realm would allow them to move MushroomLife forward together. So far we have seen this business flawlessly unfold into the future, creating new and exciting opportunities and endeavors.

Every educated person lessens the strain on the environment caused by the needs of consumers. The best way to learn any art is through interaction with a peer or mentor, so that knowledge can be passed down, as it has been for eons. Michael and Mandie are hired by parks, associations, festivals, and farms to teach workshops, classes, and ID walks. Our topics cover everything from ecology to biological classification, wild mushroom ID, ethnomycology and culinary applications.

At MushroomLife we want to help each individual reach their well being via fungi.

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  • Michael Weese


    Michael is a mycologist, nemophilist and all around fungi enthusiast in the Mid-Atlantic region. His work involves being a local teacher, guide, consultant, mushroom cultivator, permaculturist, ecologist, environmental steward and friend to all.

  • Mandie


    Mandie has her Masters degree in Biochemistry, with a focus on Pharmacognosy. She believes in the power of mushrooms as nutraceuticals to naturally bolster health, mitigate stress, and alleviate disease states.

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