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Welcome to My Antarctica, the home of my digital and photographic artwork.

There is always more in visual art than meets the eye.

February 2, 2014 NOTE - All my images, as listed, are printed on 8.5 x 11 Velvet Fine Art paper and do not necessarily fit the 8x10 format as listed. Each image was created without reference to how their orientation would fit or be cropped inside a chosen frame. If you are going to custom frame this work, that obviously will not be an issue BUT if you plan to set it into a pre-made frame, let me know, upon purchase, the exact dimensions of the viewable part of the frame and I can be sure to accommodate the size in the printing so that the image is completely extended to the limits of the viewing area with no white border showing when you frame it.


<>oOo<> "Photographic Constructions <>oOo<>

My work consists largely of what I like to call photographic constructions.

These are finished images made up of multiple photographic images that I digitally edit and combined to create the finished work. Creating my work this way allows me the time to sift through my ideas, my dreams, my imaginings and memories and allow the finished images to surface.

Then I am able to present them the way I wish them to be instead of limiting myself to the reality of a single photo. Many of the images here will appear to the viewer as one photo. One image. But almost all, with the exception of my nature images, are usually comprised of more than one image.

I think I have grown into this form of art out of the desire to show things as I view them from the inside. I also find that these finished works are often more akin to stories and resonate for me as visual notes to myself.

They come through the notion I hold that time, all too often, displaces the poignancy of what we experience. Even what we believe to be true.

The passing of time can soften it.
It can become fuzzy and out of focus.
I like to be reminded there are dangers in forgetting. . .
I like to be reminded of the work that is left to do
I like to be reminded of the solitude of any one life
I like to be reminded of impermanence

All of the images here are accompanied by words/poems/thoughts about the subject matter. I would invite you to take the time to read through them if the image seems to speak to you and to offer back any thoughts you may have on them as well.


"The My Antarctica Theme"

"An artist can show things that other people are terrified of expressing."
- Louise Bourgeois

I am drawn to the landscape of the past.
I believe in the power of examining it completely and I strive to try and decipher the messages and the memories of it all. I think that this work, in each of us, is integral in determining how much we have to offer to anyone else by first understanding the landscape from which we, ourselves, came from.

I am currently producing a series of images that explores that landscape within myself. The title, My Antarctica, in regards to this collection and shop, is about the many personal landscapes I have crossed in my lifetime.

Enjoy your visit here
In My Antarctica


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