MyLittleFandom's Shop Announcement

Welcome to MyLittleFandom Custom Pony Shoppe!
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The 'My Little Fandom' Pony and Plush Shoppe was made to help circulate awesome custom figures, plushies, and quality artwork for Fandoms that seem to be lacking it! Through this shop you can customize any single Character, Duo, Trio, Outfit, or Episode MLPs, Plush, and Artwork from any Fandom you like! We have received glowing reviews from our previous adopters, and have even received love from such truly wonderful talents as Arthur Darvill (Doctor Who) and Neil Patrick Harris (Dr.Horrible) for the ponies and plushies made in their likenesses! You can have a made-just-for-you MLP figure of all your favorite characters rather than settling for the lack of Fandom toys out there- Just send me an email, or now, message me at the shop or on our facebook page to discuss commissioning all of your favorites!

Pricing for Custom Ponies will usually start at $22.00 USD for standard size ponies. Please note that added outfits, props, time, and the difficulty of the work all go into effect when pricing your pony! Also, we kindly remind you to keep in mind that every MyLittleFandom pony is individually painted just for you, and that in adopting from our shop you are agreeing to accept the individual work presented by The Artist. After all, their hand-painted goodness is all part of the unique MyLittleFandom style! All ponies are coated with a special Acrylic Sealant to keep them safe, and will ship in a standard, flat rate envelope to ensure the protection and care of your pony! They're the perfect gift for any Holidays and can even be made into christmas tree or car ornaments! All ponies and plush are quite safe for children in the age range of 6 or older, but please be reminded that they are all made with fans ages 13 years or age and up in mind! All orders are shipped within 5 business days of purchase, and Custom Plushies will always be lovingly created and sent to you within two weeks time as well!

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Thanks so much for Checking us out, Happy Adopting everyone!!

-- Holly of MyLittleFandom <3