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We offer natural dog treats, biscuits, dog soaps, shampoos, handmade fleece toys and other accessories.Your trusted source for highest quality, wholesome & healthy supplies for your dogs.

We add only the finest and freshest, all natural ingredients.We use wholesome grains , USDA chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, along with other natural, healthy herbs and ingredients,as an alternative to mass produced,store bought.
We ship treats mostly in dozens or pounds,you will get a nice hefty amount of treats,no skinny treats here!!The treats we sell by half dozen are HUGE,you wont be disappointed,neither will your pets!!We offer more for your money and more for your pet!!

Our amazing bars of Doggie Shampoo Soap Bar will keep your four-legged fantastically clean + fragrant!These vegetable-based premium soaps feature a mild, nourishing and luxurious formula with natural extracts and essential oils. Gentle enough for any day use, these environmentally friendly products contain no animal byproducts or harsh chemicals.We also offer fun and yummy soaps with fragrance oils in many fun scents.

ALERT:Dogs hate Citronella.The citronella extract is too much for their very sensible noses.We do not add citronella to any our dog soaps,we use Lemon Eucalyptus which is highly effective in insect repelling compared to Citronella according to new studies.

ALERT:Garlic, Onion, Chives, Macadamia Nuts, Mushrooms, Raisins, Chocolate, Tea,and much more are TOXIC for your dog.
Make sure you feed your dogs foods that do not contains those ingredients,even some Broths and Baby foods contain onion or garlic powder which can be fatal to your dog.We NEVER add the ingredients above in our treats!!

Please make sure you refrigerate your treats upon arrival to keep them fresh,they are loaded with meats and fresh ingredients,keeping them refrigerated will ensure they last longer and stay delicious,tasting great!!

Shop with confidence,we have happy pleased customers!!

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