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Get 10% Off When you spend $25 or more!
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Say Thank You! To Your Skin.

Say THANK YOU! To Your Skin With Shea Butter Skin Care products.

Your skin has put up with everything you have thrown at it. It has kept you safe. It has been your living canvas and has displayed your beauty. It has fully embraced who you are!

Skin Love is Self Love. Thank You Skin!

Welcome Healthy, Beautiful, Vibrant skin!
Wave goodbye to dry, irritated, chapped, unattractive skin.

Shea Butter Skin Care products are made especially for folks who have chronic dry skin, people who live in dry/ arid climates like deserts, and from person experience, for the harsh winter season, and for anyone who wants a safe natural product.

Shea Butter Skin Care uses Rich Shea Butter Black Seed Oil and other natural ingredients that hydrate, nourish, rejuvenate, heal and protect dry skin. Shea Butter is known for its healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, hydrating, rejuvenating, and soothing properties. It has been used for centuries in Africa and all around the world to treat dry skin.

My family and friends have suffered from severe dry skin for so many years with little to no relief from name brand creams and prescriptions.

Using my background in Chemistry and Pharmacy, and my experience as a mom, I was able to create the solution to our problem. I am so excited to share these amazing results with you.

Now, we have skin care products that actually work and nourish our dry skin with Natural ingredients.

And it is safe to use for all ages, from children* to adults.

Our Daily Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin is AMAZING! You will be amazed by the luxurious, silky smooth, whipped texture. It Spreads Very Easily, is Non-greasy, and is Very Moisture-rich! Ultra hydration lasts for a full 24 hours! And it won't clog pores. Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Black (cumin) seed oil, Vitamin E, Glycerin and more make it so nourishing when applied to your dry skin. It also contains hydrating water, therefore it is a must-have moisturizing cream!

Our All Natural Vegan Vapor Rub for Muscle & Joint Pain and Cough are made with only plant based Natural Ingredients. It soothes with menthol, camphor and Lavender, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus Essential oils! Smells so Amazing! It also contains other oils to nourish your skin: Shea butter, Olive, Coconut, Black (cumin) Seed oil and Vitamin E. Soothe your pain and cough with this all natural petrolatum free and beeswax free remedy.

Whipped Body Butter is Rich and Rejuvenating for Very Dry Cracked, Chapped, Irritated Skin. It is Preservative Free and Vegan, made with Rich Shea butter, Grapeseed Oil, Black (Cumin) seed oil and Vitamin E and the amazing Tropical Apple Fragrance. And this formulation is Not as Greasy as most body butters; no more greasy mess because it absorbs very quickly and all day and night. Great for use all year round especially during the winter months, in desert weather, or by those who suffer from extremely very dry skin and cracked skin. Can be used all over the body from your scalp to the soles of your feet. May use as a lip balm and even on your face. Say goodbye to Eczema! Your skin will be refreshed in no time!

Whipped Pure Shea Butter is great to have on hand to add to any skin remedy. Enjoy a diy mixture anytime with one of the richest and most nourishing butters. It has been whipped for easier application.


For more information, see product page and Frequently asked questions.

What Customers Are Saying: My sister is raving about how well my products have restored her skin! It is the perfect relief for healthcare workers' chapped dry hands! Washing hands all day has kept us safe especially during the pandemic but it has taken a toll on the skin. Thank you for your service during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Shea Butter Skin Care is a One-stop shop for Healthy Strong Beautiful All-Natural Skin.

Try all our Shea Butter Skin Care products Today.

Welcome to the Shea Butter Skin Care family where We Appreciate Our Skin.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Shea Butter Skin Care Daily Moisturizing Cream a Body Butter?

No. It is Not a typical body butter, It is an Emulsified Body Butter (contains water for immediate hydration). Because Water is the most hydrating substance on earth!

It is a highly hydrating cream that contains lots of water to rehydrate and moisturize dry skin. Although body butters are marketed for dry skin, they do not provide the much needed moisture that is missing and needed to sustain healthy skin.

Our daily moisturizing cream provides much needed moisture and also seals in moisture with the rich combination of natural healing oils.

It works much better than body butters to heal dry skin and maintain healthy beautiful skin.

How soon will my dry skin resolve?

Our Shea Butter Skin Care Daily Moisturizing Cream starts immediately to infuse the missing and much needed moisture back to dry skin.

In some cases, results can be seen immediately. However, for severe dry skin, the old scaly skin needs to turn over and results may be seen in as little as 3 days to a week with consistent use.

What is the best time to use my cream or balm?

For dry skin, the best time to apply skin care products is right after a bath or after washing. At this time, the skin is still super hydrated from the wash and this moisture can be locked in by your Shea Butter Skin Care products of choice.
Our daily moisturizing cream already has hydrating water in it. Therefore, it can be used anytime, either on dry skin or freshly washed skin.

What are the Benefits of Shea Butter and Black Seed Oil?

Shea butter is hydrating, anti-inflammatory, won't clog pores, anti-aging, and is not known to trigger allergic reactions. It is also very soothing to dry chapped skin.

Black seed oil can provide relief to skin affected by inflammation, eczema, psoriasis and general dryness.

In our products, they is very healing and help to rejuvenate dry skin.

What is the consistency of the Daily Moisturizing Cream?

It is a cream or a thick lotion. We love it because it spreads so silky and easily over skin like whipped cream.
You will fall in love with how it feels on your skin.
It is thick enough to combat dry skin, but thin enough to spread easily all over your body.
It's a win win!

Why should you say Thank You! to your skin?

Your skin has been your longest and closest friend, protecting you from germs, displaying your beauty, and putting up with whatever you have thrown at it.

So, say Thank You! to your skin with Shea Butter Skin Care.
Your skin will appreciate the natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals, and luxury feel of our products.

You deserve the best - Shea Butter Skin Care.

Why Should I Use Shea Butter Skin Care Products?

Shea Butter Skin Care products are made with natural ingredients. We intentionally picked ingredients that have been shown to be safe and beneficial to your health and to heal dry skin.

Our Products are created by a pharmacist and mom so you know that our products are well researched and are safe for the whole family (kids too*).

We use our products daily in our own homes. We were using the thickest name brand creams on the market but they were not working.

Our Shea Butter Skin Care products have worked amazing miracles on our stubborn dry skin. It lasts a full 24 hours and longer in some cases.

We have eliminated the guesswork for you.

Try our products today and feel the amazing moisturizing difference.

Are your fragrances safe?

Yes. All the fragrances we use are safe and are only added at the safety recommended amounts or less.

All our fragrances are high quality. They are all phthalate free.

In some products we use fragrance oils and in other products we use essential oils. See your product ingredients list for more information.

*Do not use products containing menthol or eucalyptus oil directly on the skin of children less than 2 years old. It may cause irritation.

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