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If it's old, well-crafted and beautiful, or just really cool, I may have it in my 'stash' of clothing, accessories, home decor, miscellaneous neat stuff, and possibly "weird and couldn't pass it up."

Keep checking back or click me as a favorite - I have hundreds and hundreds of very well maintained vintage items - the really good stuff! My colleagues consider me eccentric - to me it's normal to turn half my house into storage for fine things from the 30's - 80's .... What?

If I wouldn't buy it, I won't list it.

I sell many vintage items from my world-over collection of designers and collections of 'unknown-no label' finest things.

In addition to fine leather goods from the 30s - 70's I am quick to pick up a piece that looks just a bit different. I am drawn first to the texture, then color and pattern of a piece, then I read the label for designer, place of manufacture or design, then I read what it is made of and its care and finally I search for moth tracks, stains, etc. In a single year I browse thousands of items, choosing only the best. A designer's name doesn't always indicate quality or style so I don't always go by the signature. I have stopped collecting Aigner that dates after the manufacture of his bags located offshore to China.

Designers and Department Stores whose vintage style and talents I admire include, of course first my mother who designed almost all of my clothing through two decades, then mainstream vintage brands for Lord & Taylor, Bonwit Teller, Sacks 5th, Sears, then the pricier brands and designers Talbot's, Geiger of Austria, Dior, Sybil Connolly, Emilio Pucci, Benetton, Givenchy, Gabrielle Chanel pre-1990, Hermes, early Joseph Abboud, Pierre Balmain, de la Renta 50s-70s, St Laurent, early Ungaro, Laura Ashley, Ralph Lauren. When growing up if I needed something Mother didn't have time to fashion for me we would get out the Sears catalog and find what I needed there. In addition to home designs and Sears I was also taken throughout the year to a "second-hand" shop in the city called "The Shopper" in Baltimore. It was there I spent many happy shopping hours browsing some of the finest things Baltimore's wealthy no longer wanted.....gorgeous furs, sterling, platinum and gold jewelry, dresses of chiffon, silk, tulle, cotton, linen, wool crepe and crepe de Chine and suits and coats of gabardine, rayon blends and wool. I was taught to discern wool from gabardine, and to know the various knits. I learned textiles by the feel and crystal by the ring of it. It was like an ever-changing museum where I could touch everything and actually try it all on.

I am always browsing and continually find designers I haven't heard of. Finding vintage items is sometimes just breathtaking. Collecting from The USA, England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong and pre-1960s children's clothing from the Philippines and Japan is the real trip back to the future. The quality of these earlier items is impeccable. I am always excited to pick up vintage Sears clothing and Ship'n Shore tops and skirts. A label I really love from the 80s and 90s is Mr. Witt; the cottons are exquisite.

I love it when I see stitched in the seam of many vintage garments the small tag with print that says ILGWU - International Ladies Garment Workers' Union. For more info on the history of this 'Made in USA' label see:

As well as clothing I have many collections in additional categories: equestrian, urban equestrian, vintage textiles, vintage accessories including bling, scarves and bags, silver, vintage porcelains and glass from France, England, Italy, Czechoslovakia, and artwork and other home and office décor.

Historically speaking !!, I have an obsession for vintage white shirts. They're from all over and are premium cotton, cotton blend, linen, and silk. Also, stacked up in my inventory are many 40s-60s Pendleton and others wools skirts and jackets in many varied patterns. Lined up along the shelves also are scarves...images of lions, camels, birds, squirrels, feathers, equestrian motifs, 50s dots, and more.

One man whom I respect so very much in handbag design is Etienne Aigner (an early DIY!). *Below is a copy of a bit of his biography which I have taken from

He was singularly talented and respected for his love of leather. Born in Hungary in 1904 he designed for Dior and possibly Hermes in Europe before beginning his work in the US in 1959. I rarely spend less than 4 hours renewing vintage Aigner bags working mainly with his saddle leather 'hardshell' bags. This work requires cleaning, re-stitching if necessary, polishing leather and brass and buffing, buffing, buffing!!!! Every aspect of each Aigner bag is refurbished to the max possible unless noted otherwise.

A significant other design house whom I respect for their detailed craftsmanship is Hermes; expensive, yes. Their quality hasn't ever really changed because their work doesn't reflect any of the offshore-make-it-quick shoddiness from the 80s through present day. Hermes is another perfect example of DIY who had to hire help when word of their mastery of design and implementation got out!
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1904 Etienne Aigner is born in Ersevjivan Hungary
1926 Etienne Aigner moves to Paris and starts as a bookbinder
1945 Etienne Aigner makes his first bags for Dior
1949 Etienne Aigner moves to New York and while working out of his apartment began producing belts in the dark red color that would become his trademark – signature color
1959 Etienne Aigner opens his first showroom on 5th Ave and by that time the high-end department stores began to display his belts and bags and orders poured in from around the country. In 2000 Etienne Aigner died at the age of 95; eventually under new management Aigner styles began to change and once manufacture was outsourced to China, workmanship and quality were mass-produced and his renowned craftsmanship passed into history.
Aigner was historically more than a trendy name; Aigner bags crafted before 1970 ranked in quality with Hermes and early Gucci.