MyTouchStones' Shop Announcement

Inspired. Beautiful. Balanced. Semi-precious gemstones are one of Earth's gifts to us. They are naturally beautiful. Their energy is positive. All stones have their own unique signature or vibration and are said to have healing effects on us on every level - physical, emotional, and mental. Whatever your intention - staying centred, releasing a behavior that no longer serves you, feeling more grounded, reaching your goals, balancing your emotions, supporting your body to heal or calming an over-active mind so you can be fully present and mindful throughout your day, there are Touch Stones that can help.

Living your life intentionally doesn't just happen, and if you've found your way to my shop you're likely very aware of that. It can be difficult to not get caught up in the day-to-day stress and drama that surrounds us. It can be very difficult to stay focused on our goals at the times we most need to be focused! And that's why I created Touch Stones necklaces. They are your anchor.

Wearing these beautiful handmade gemstone necklaces will help you ground your intentions and offer a gentle reminder of who you are and who you want to be.

I think you'll agree that Touch Stones necklaces look great! They feel wonderful in your hand and I know you'll love wearing them!

Having your Touch Stones right there to see, to feel and to touch will remind you how you want to live your life even when life gets very stressful, perhaps especially when life gets very stressful. Even if you're not thinking about it, you will find yourself holding or rubbing your pendant stone and when you do you will remember....

If you feel drawn to a particular Touch Stones necklace, that's likely the one for you. You may love several of them (you probably will!) Read their names and meanings and notice which one speaks to you or resonates with your intentions. Whether you choose your necklace or your necklace chooses you, know that you'll always get it right.

Touch Stones necklaces make perfect gifts for someone you love or care about. It's been said that when someone gives stones as a gift their positive energies are increased as a result of the intention of the giver. Isn't that nice!

Thank you for visiting my shop. I would love to hear from you!

I suggest caring for your jewelry just as you would any other fine jewelry. A good rule of thumb that your mother may have taught you is to make your jewelry "the last thing you put on before you start your day, and the first thing you take off at the end of it." Other helpful suggestions include keeping your jewelry away from chemical such as those found in hairspray, perfumes, and body lotions, since these can leave a residue on your jewelry that can be more work to remove. Rather than the use of commercial cleaners for the care of your Touch Stones gemstones, I recommend periodic cleaning with extremely mild soapy water (lukewarm or cool) and polishing with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Sterling silver details while beautiful, are prone to tarnishing. If you have been known to leave your pieces out on your dresser casually tossed in a dish or bowl acting as a make-shift jewelry container, you are probably all too familiar with tarnish. To significantly minimize or eliminate tarnish from occurring, store your jewelry pieces in an airtight ziploc, or store your pieces in a proper jewelry box when not being worn. Some jewelry boxes are available with an anti-tarnish liner, but if finding these proves difficult, anti-tarnish strips are also available, and when placed inside your jewelry box, will assist in reducing tarnish.

To remove tarnish from your sterling silver details, I recommend the use of treated jewelry polishing cloths, readily available in jewelry supply or hardware stores. When using the polishing cloths however, be careful to avoid prolonged contact with the gemstones. Also avoid the various other sterling silver cleaners as they may be harmful to your gemstones.

No need to fret about proper care and potential tarnish - follow these tips provided and your pieces will be beautiful for years to come.