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The name "Mystarrrs" represents my 3 awesome teenagers. They are my world and I have always said (and even have tattooed on my arm) that they are "the only 3 stars in my sky that shine." My headline above is literally the one sentence that sums up my life nicely.
My Mother is my inspiration, and my kids fuel my determination.

So one day I decided that I wanted to learn how to solder. I ended up having to teach myself and am having way too much fun with it.

My Mother who was wildly creative and talented was a pro at stained glass among many other crafts. And as a child, If I wasnt falling asleep to the hum of a sewing machine I used to fade out to the aroma of flux and solder. A single mother of 5 and she was always hammering something, cutting glass, making her own ceramics, or reupholstering furniture!

Assuming she'd be here forever, I never thought to learn these talents from her. I was always creative in my own ways (drawing, painting, writing) and we'd trade ideas/skills. I'd paint something for her, she'd sew something for me etc.

Well when she passed away 9 years ago alllll my creativity seemed to have gone with her at that time.


I feel like I slept for 2 yrs after she passed, and one day I just kinda woke up? I wanted to feel close to her again, and do the things she loved. I truly regretted not taking an interest in her talents when she was here and learning them from her. But instead of living in regret I thought "I'll just have to teach myself."

The sewing was a disaster- I couldnt sew a straight line to save my life! I quickly crossed that off my list and moved on to soldering. I had a photograph of my husband and I that she encased in glass and soldered and hung from a ribbon for me 15 years ago as an anniversary present. I started to think of all the possibilites. I would love to graduate to actual stained glass one day, but I thought this was a good start and I know she wouldve gotten a kick out of what Im making today.

Five years after she died my life took a sharp downward spiral. I had lost everything and soon after rebuilt my life from the ground up. I say this because if you look at my sales up until 2010 which is when my world collapsed, thanks to me...and then look at the difference in my pieces from then on you can see the change. My own personal tragedy awakened something inside of me and my art was forever changed. That's how I like to see it anyways ;)

It feels like a part of my Mom comes through me maybe. Her picture sits at my craft table and I always feel she's right there collaborating with me. I just love how it makes me feel so close to her when I do the things she used to love whether Im making jewelry, cooking, or gardening, especially knowing how far away she really must be <3

I love anything vintage, old, and used and am deeply attracted to religious art and symbolism. I see beauty in things most don't give a second glance to. And I believe in making all my pieces to be originals- solid, one of a kinds. I believe in doing everything with love, and I truly love every one of my creations, and hope you will too.

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The worst thing you can do is to not try. To be aware of what you want, but to not give in to it, to not try for it. And to wonder, years down the line...if only...
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