Masquerade Masks, Fantasy Art, Fairy Cats, horns

Work room, sculpting, watercolor, pencil, computer, drawing, pendant making, jewelry, clay, foam, carving, beading.
My horns ready to taken home with you.
My sculpts ready for painting.
I still prefer the old fashioned way of art. Hands on. A paintbrush and pencil is what I prefer.

Mystic Realms Art

Come about by a trip to DragonCon with my best pal some years ago. I loved all the costumes. Here are some of the things I have made. I love to create.
Jennifer D. S. Stedman
owner, maker, designer, curator, Artist
I am an artist with MANY likes...I like all types of art. If I do not know how to do something I enjoy learning, or here in the south figurin' it out. My hubby and I have five cats, one dog, two horses, one teen and a happy home.
maker, Fabricator

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