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(May 13, 2020)
Update about delivery and a few packages that have not been delivered due to when i have created the shipping label it did not give me the acceptance letter for the post office to scan at pickup. I will email you if i run into this problem with your order and let you know there is a chance it can get lost in the mail but it's not 100% that it will be lost. Many have still received their packages.

Another thing i am running into at the moment. Is the weekend mail lady is not picking up my packages on the weekend. it could be due to the virus. But on the weekdays that mail lady has always been wonderful and she picks them up for me. So the last orders that i receive by Thursday will be picked up Friday. And the ones from Friday Saturday and Sunday will be picked up on Monday.

I think i have it set for 1-3 days i might have to change this to 3-5 days due to the weekend problem. But i will still have your package out asap just not on the weekends as of now for now.

I am very sorry for this inconvenience and i needed to let yall know that please be aware that mine and other orders from other shops etc. are being delayed due to this coronavirus. So please know we are all doing the best that we can to have the packages delivered on time or near it as best as we can. I am very sorry for this inconvenience! I do to hope things get back on track. I am sorry loves. I am sending you much love and thank you! <3 :)

Hello Lovelys. My name is Jennifer Bonner I am a Certified Practitioner of Psychic Mediumship, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Metaphysical Teacher such as mediumship, elemental courses like Unicorns, Fairys, Dragons also Angels, etc. My Clair Senses are open. I am also an Empath and HSP. I was born with my senses and have enhanced evolved and will continue to grow my senses since i started taking Certified Courses to get a better understanding of how to use my Senses to apply them and practice them since 2016. I first started with Elemental and Oracle Cards. Then into Psychic and Mediumship. And other areas as well as some I'm still working on like house elemental space clearing or sound healing even spirit or entity removal and more. I am here to also learn and grow with yall as we learn together loves. And teach with my courses and books to be made what i am aware of from personal experiences what i have learned and have practiced along with my guidance to dig deeper into with Including examples from self and others who have been in this field of service work helping each other out along the way. I hope it's very healing enlightening and what divinely be for yall with what my service works brings. I am sending you much love and gratitude and Thanks. :) <3

I will be offering reiki healing and reiki charged option products and, crystal healing and psychic mediumship readings, elemental readings such as unicorns fairies, etc. Maybe some departed loved one picture photo reading. More i will offer with that once i know what i will for sure offer which will be listings once i know. I am also in the works of hoping soon to sell magical metaphysical elemental products. For your altars or as decor and hoping to have a magical elemental kit to go along with my elemental courses. Which will help to attract and work with your elementals. The courses will have meditations to help connect with your elementals.

I do have two courses out now and am working on others. Finishing my mediumship certified practitioner courses so you can become a certified practitioner of mediumship to. Or add to your certified certificates for your mediumship services. I will work on after the next one is probably Unicorns Which will also have a Unicorn Altar Magical Metaphysical kit sold separately from the course. Which will be listed here on Etsy to purchase.

The course will be a meditation to connect with your Unicorn or which elemental Course i have out will all be the same way including the Altar kits I'm talking about they will have their own. But it will also have history about them as well as if your an incarnate of one and more i will mention. So this will be to learn more about them and connect with them through meditation and at your altars and more with the elemental you choose to work with for that course or courses of! :)


Reiki Charged Products, Reiki Healing Sessions, Crystal Healing Sessions, Psychic Mediumship Readings, Crystals, Organic Candles with Crystals options, Elemental Decor, Altar Decor, Organic Herbs, Organic Oils, Oracle Cards, Flower Crowns, Crystal Jewelry, Smudge Sticks, Protection Metaphysical Tools, Crystal Grids Starter Kits, Organic Essential Oil and Crystal and Herbs options Bath Salts, Organic Metaphysical Sprays with Crystals or not, etc.

(((((( I will be updating this course section when i have a firm decision.
As of now, i am putting my courses on here as listings you can purchase. And once my Shopify store is done my products and services and courses will be on my Shopify store to so they will be able to be purchased with a payment plan there or paid outright here. I want to give flexible affordable options for all. )))))

If interested in the courses that i have out now i have it to check it out at. It is on my Course Academy Website. I teach anything from Mediumship, elemental realms such as unicorns, fairies, mermaids dragons and angels. And many more topics. The courses on my Schools page are different school sections. The Elementals and others are different. If interested in what i offer please contact me here on Etsy. (( This section will be updated as i figure how to put each course on its school page.))

Jennifer’s Academy For you to take my Certified Practitioner Courses My Certified Certificates Accreditation Practitioner Courses for My Academy. This section on my website explains why and how and shows why you will become a certified practitioner for my courses for your service works. With the usage of C.M. certified medium after your name authenticating you are certified through me. If it is for the mediumship course. ((( I have edited that section if it does not work let me know and i will correct the web address on here as well as message you back the correct one. Thank you! :) )))

Here's the Course on my Academy Website Link to find the courses at.

I am new to my Academy trying to figure out how to put each course in a school section to be found easier. At the moment this is one for certification for mediums and all wanting to learn healing methods and communications with their departed loved ones. In the description of this explains it more in detail.

To keep up with or discover something new etc. you can go to my website at

I have a Twitter account


The above Channel i am still switching to use more than my other one. But you can still follow my other if you want. I have another one as well that's for my son and self Healing Autism. But i am not making videos there just yet but do have few old ones.
For that channel its.

For my old youtube channel it's.

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