NAKIdesign's Shop Announcement

✶ I'm so glad you popped by! ✶

I hope you like jewelry with clean lines, delicacy and natural elements. Don't hesitate to contact me! I'm here for you!

My name is Sara Kallus. As a goldsmith and designer I draw my inspiration from the cold, natural landscapes of my childhood in Sweden and the widespread desert dunes and rough texture of my current home in the south of Israel. This combination creates an original style with the characteristics of clean lines, delicacy and natural elements. I love to work in silver but am also experimenting with leather, cement and rubber. The concept of simplicity and clarity gave the name "NAKI" which means "clean" in Hebrew.

In case you prefer gold, please let me know which piece of jewelry you are interested in and I'll send you a price offer.

NOW!! If you love our beautiful Mother Nature and would like to help in preserving our enviroment you should take an extra look at the collection "Naturally Silver" which is based on elements selected and picked up from surrounding nature.
Leaves have been put in a bath of electrolytic solution to deposit silver on the surface. This way you get a piece of jewelry with an actual natural and unique element, every leaf different from the other. Twigs have been selected, molded and worked in to bracelets, rings and earrings. The collection is the result of a cooperation with the SPNI (The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel).

SPNI is a nonprofit public organization with a mission to protect the environment, nature and historical heritage in Israel . The company works to protect spaces and public areas in Israel, to increase public involvement in major cities for the environment and better quality of life, and preserving a variety of flora and fauna in the country, and habitats that characterize the Land of Israel. The company is also engaged in imparting education and spread the values and love for nature and the environment to the younger generation and the community as a whole. 70% of your purchase goes straight to support SPNI in their wonderful work.

Enjoy your visit! <3


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