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3 months

Building a city! This idea has been wiggling around in my head for a while so decided to try it out for a demo sample. Next stop, the Buckeye Bash! Try building your own city with the Clay Punch Cutters!

5 months

Save naked bails! Add a Silk Neck Cord to any pendant to make it something special! Thirteen colors and five sizes mean that there is one that will complement every pendant style and person. Hand dyed luxuious silk with silver clasps are even washable!

9 months

Polish up your plans and get ready for the launch of the SUMMER SECRETS COLLECTION!

10 months

Getting ready for Independence Day!!! Some of the things offered to the VIP Creatives !

1 year

Cheeky little creatures from the sea delight in surprising beach loungers who just wanted a little Time to Dream! Part of my second clock made for a contest in December. Love where my clocks are going. Hope to get more “time” to expand on this idea.

1 year

From my polymer clay bench to you this holiday season! Merry Christmas and thank you for your business!

2 years

Learning new techniques at the Ky-Tn Dam Retreat. Fun!

2 years

On my bench today....a prototype of an inchie for the Damm Retreat in Kentucky using 3 of the Clay PunchCutters!