Namoaj's Shop Announcement

Namoaj is a small family orientated business. Namoaj is passion for color and texture, many colorful textiles, wool and silk fabrics as well as natural fibers and organic material, stones, raw gems and metals. We work with materials in their rawest, purest form expect rough gemstones, unique mineral specimens, pearls and beads

When it comes to metal working, we love electroforming techniques, which is a unique metal forming process that takes a very pure metal sample and uses an electrical field to positively charge and manipulate the metal ions. This method gives very organic results, texturally unique forms and allows us to create jewelry that looks like molten metal.

Namoaj offers a really varied range of one-of-a-kind and limited edition eco-friendly and nature inspired designs. We are genuinely interested and intrigued by designs that emulates nature and we try to create designs that capture nature's unpredictability, interplay of colours and forms. Eilis is also interested in minimalist design, modern and contemporary architecture. Combining these ideas results in .....a delicate silk insect wing, a transparent glass bubble, shards of crystal, slips of grass or earthy mossy roots to be worn as jewelry.

Eilis has developed her techniques over several years, which are a combination of creative flair and hard science. Expect a unique mix of traditional metal working, wire wrapping, electroforming, sculpting (clay, putty, epoxy resins) and textile techniques to produce intricate mixed media designs.

We collect different types of textile fibers - angora, cashmere, mohair, wool, silk and plant fibres like cotton, china grass, flax or bamboo. We like to use exotic organic seeds, pods, beans and nuts in my jewelry. Wild seeds are a great natural, renewable resource of extraordinary colour and durability. We collect interesting stones, gems and mineral specimens as well as vintage findings to incorporate into our designs..