How big will it be?
Pulling up the walls.
Refining, thinning and shaping
Loading the gas kiln is a long, time consuming and physically taxing process.

Muddy Mama's story

Pottery and clay have been a part of my happy place since an art teacher gave me room and space to make a mess and just create when I was twelve years old. Throughout my adult life I have been a "helper", a career that has been more than I can bearer but has sustained me and others for many years. I have tried to retire from the clay at least three times, but it keeps calling me back.

I love being around and with creative folks and the Etsy group has given me a world wide audience and a cool local community to belong to through WEST, my awesome talented Winnipeg team of makers and vintage lovers. I am inspired to make by textures, plants, antique dishes and colour. I am not a painter, nor can I draw. I want to make the beauty of the garden year round, so I make leaf pots. Pots from Rhubarb , coleus, ladies mantle, lily pads are some of the things I have been doing this with no end of ideas for how I can enhance and make new pieces like jewellery and buttons from the garden leaves.

Not one piece of work is alike, and in the gas kiln, not one firing is the same as the last. I like that, just like humans.
owner, maker, potter
Pottery is a life long passion 30 years of MAKING. Still loving it with more ideas in my head than I will be able to finish in one lifetime. I knew a long time ago at the creative process would be something I needed to keep "balance" in my life.
owner, maker, designer, curator, potter

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