Nanjandu2's Shop Announcement

You probably have heard that Bhaktapur has been devastated by the recent earthquakes. We have been in touch with Pushpa Lama. His family survived the earth-quakes but his home/school/workshop has collapsed. Pushpa and his family are now living under a plastic tarpaulin. There are many families in Bhaktapur who have lost loved ones, their homes and their livelihoods. Please help us help them.

Pushpa reported that many paintings were lost or damaged during the quakes. We are happy to report that we have just received some of the remaining paintings from Pushpa. I will be adding these paintings to our etsy shop day by day. Please help by giving as much as you can afford for a painting or just making a donation. NAMASTE, Jan and Phil


HISTORY of OriGiNaL PaiNtiNgs FrOm NePal.
Eight years ago we had the good fortune to visit the beautiful town of Bhaktapur in Nepal and discovered Pushpa Lama's Thangka painting school. We were very impressed by the high standard of work presented at his store. We had the honor to meet him and his family and learned of their plans to create a school for uneducated women. We feel that the empowerment of women through education is essential for progress in family matters, business,society, politics and the environment. We agreed to help by selling Pushpa's work in the United States so that there would be source of income for the school. We are happy to say that the paintings have been greatly admired and all proceeds from their sales have been used to fund the Hoiser Women's School. We have been back to visit Baktapur and Pushpa has kept us up to date with the progress of the students who are making great strides. Pictures of the school and paintings for sale can be viewed at: