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Thank you for visiting Nastershum's Shop.

Here you will find a selection of our favorite hand-made Nastershum creations.

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Do you have a shirt you can no longer wear but can't stand the thought of getting rid of? Help Nastershum 'upcycle' by sending it in to be made into a fresh, new piece of clothing for you, your child, or

1) Search our shop for a design that you love

2) Message Nastershum with your ideas on how to recreate a piece using your own

3) Ship your materials to Nastershum. Be sure to include your name, Etsy username, and shipping address.

4) Keep your eye out for your custom creation and purchase for a 10% discount and free shipping.

As I have tried custom orders in the past and do thoroughly enjoy them, please realize that I upcycle a great amount and therefore do not have fabrics in mass amounts. If an idea is presented, I will create the peice and post it so that you may see the fall and color of the materials.

If an item is hand painted without stencils or printouts, it will be an individual piece that has gotten as much love and attention as the creation before it.

Please enjoy and I hope to continue to improve on my shop constantly.

Conversation on Etsy can go a long Way!! :) Ask and you (more than likely) shall receive
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