My Little Shop

I originally started my shop with no particular craft in mind. I made hairsticks for awhile which was fun, but decided, everyone else was making hairsticks so I wanted to do something different.
I have been sewing since I was 9 years old. I learned on an old 1950's style singer sewing machine and have loved sewing since then.
I decided it was time to tie in my two favorite loves, hairtoys and sewing! I had many a hairtoy at the time (and have built my collection to very large proportions since then), and I decided, why not make something to store my precious (and expensive) hairtoy collection in? I thought and meandered, finally as I was sitting at my desk at my job at the time the idea popped into my head! Hairtoy organizers! When I got home I researched, and researched to see if anyone had the same idea. I came up with nothing, not even anything remotely similar to what I was going to do.
I made up my patterns and made myself a "test" organizer. It came out so perfect that I started making them for my shop!
The rest is history! :-)
Hello to all! I originally started this shop because of my love of all things hairtoy related (hairsticks, hairforks). When I needed a place to store my hairtoys that is when I came up with my own unique idea and design for my hairtoy organizers!