Natural stone, wood & feather jewelry & art

Kyanite found & set by me. Natures Art doesn't need anything added.
pre shaping stones on the diamond grinder & on the left hand side that's the polishing wheels.
the place where I drill & set my stones and do all the feather creations.
Drilling stones. Thank you hands you are my most precious tools.
Martina & Michael gathering Kyanite in Harts Range, Northern Territory.

Natures Art Melbourne my little sustainable one woman business. CELEBRATION OF AUSTRALIA eco-friendly, organic, naturally sourced creations.

I am social worker, tailor, creative soul, woman, Austrian living in Australia.
I am in love with life.

I traveled Australia in 2000 on my own and met a bush bike rider in the middle of freaking now where and my whole life turned upside down.
6 month later I migrated to Australia and asked the universe: "What is my path here in this red continent?"

The answer was simple -
"Walk the earth gently as she is your mother"
"Honor the land - slow down and see the abundance there is"
"Follow your heart & intuition and simply create"

...I have the eye to see, I have the hands to create.
Self taught creativity knows no limits.

So we go walkabout every winter in Australia's Outback (me & the bike rider - a truly special man, now my husband) to slow down, to walk the land, to reconnect and to start to see and receive gifts from Nature. In 2012 we fell in love with a place in SW Queensland, which is our winter retreat until we feel like travelling again. During our 3 months there I focus simply on working wood. In our search for stone we do not dig for stones - Mother Earth offers much freely on the surface or other people leave remnants behind which are treasures for me.

Stones, wood and feathers collected with respect and worked with love by the same hands something rare in our world.
I do also buy stones in, but I love to start with rough rock and
allow the material to speak and the creativity to flow.

The work process is "ease & flow" that is what you will feel in my creations.
A precious thing missing in our world of success at any costs.

A secret shared with all creative souls out there:
- say it, sing it, write it, tell it to everyone:
"I am able to make a good living from what I love doing!"
Truly believe in yourself and follow your heart.

This made Natures Art Melbourne & me what we are today.
Martina Oehlinger
Creative soul loving the land & following her heart.