NeenersWeaving's Shop Announcement

There is a strong possibility that I am going to start a business here in Longview.

It will be a Gift Shop. My love is swedish weaving, so there is a great opportunity to stage my projects. I already have 5 vendors and we are all very excited. Great news.....if something sells, that is listed on Etsy, I can remove it immediately.

This new adventure is going to take time to set isn't going to happen over night. I have wonderful parents,family and friends that are helping me think of and create ways to display different projects. So, please be patient with me and as always I look forward to helping you pick out your next project that you can show in your home.

If you have read this far...great...because I have just experienced something that I would like to share with all readers and potential customers. I find it a pleasure to help and sell to everyone, including those who live in Canada and overseas. However, the cost of sending anything out of the United Stated has gone beyond ridiculous. I have always priced the items pretty close in the U.S. and doubled to overseas and have not had to pay much out of my pocket. This has changed and is now four times the cost to send over seas. So, if I sent something for 4 dollars in the U.S., it is about 16 dollars or more to send overseas. I recently sold a 20 dollar table runner and was surprised in the cost changes to send out of the United States. I do not have a remedy for this new dilemma, other that to ask potential customers overseas to give me their zip code and I can do some research and tell them the cost of shipping something to them and then they can decide before purchasing...hopefully this works. I always wondered why someone doesn't make their products available to ship outside of United I have a better picture of what has happened in the last year.

Moving on to more upbeat topics!

Each project takes many hours to complete even the smallest project, however, it is the nicest way of telling someone you are thinking of them during the good and bad which simply happens in Life. Any project can be a special way to express your love to someone in your life.

I have blankets with snowflakes, pointsettia's, burnt orange, red, sage green to soft pink stars and more. I truly appreciate your looking at the items I have for sale and welcome any comments you may want to share. There are five colors of monks cloth that are no longer available. Mauve, Lime Green, Peach, Burnt orange and Hot Pink are among those colors being discontinued. Hopefully we have new colors to look forward to in 2013-14 to add to our collection.

Please take the time to look at the local news feature that Kathy Zimmerman wrote for the ully local newspaper. She did an awesome job.

The gift of giving is special to the one who receives the gift as well as for the one who gives the gift. Much like loving someone, we don't do anything expecting something in return. So, the gift can be any size and it is truly a symbol of our love. We all have loved ones that we enjoy saying "I Love You". E-mail me and let me know if there is a special gift you would like to create for your loved one. I have made king size bed covers to french door valances. Any project from my shop would last for years. Thank you for visiting Neenersweaving.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.