NeonCanvasStudio's Shop Announcement

★ Welcome to Neon Canvas Studio ★

I am always open to customs and trades!!

So many things throughout this site have inspired me to learn how to make my own things! So here they are! Although at the moment I am only selling and making stamps, my goal is to learn how to make many things :] So please feel free to point me into the direction of any tutorials :3

Please feel free to keep in touch! Whether you are a viewer, buyer, seller, or friend :]
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* * * Custom Orders * * *

I am always open to customs and trades!
The process of custom items is a lot of communication! Starting your custom order off by answering the following questions would be a great help and will get things started off on the right foot :) Please include these questions whether you are messaging me or using alchemy.

1.) How many separate stamps would you like made? (Please describe what you would like for each stamp including any images, text, or what you are using the stamp for)
2.) Give me the approx. size you would like for each stamp.
3.) If any text, would you like it in a certain font? If so, which font?
4.) For any text, would you like it to be positive ( ) or negative ( )? Note that negative style is less expensive.
5.) Please include any reference pictures.
6.) Do you have a certain budget you do not want to exceed?
7.) Is there any urgency for your stamp? ( Time limit for birthday presents, craft shows, etc.)
8.) Any additional information you would like me to know?