NerdyNonie's Shop Announcement

Every since I can remember, I have loved old things. I find a certain comfort in items that have been around the block and lived to tell the tale ;).

I only by items that speak to me. I know that sounds wonky, but there have been many times that I have picked up a gorgeous vintage item and just had to put it back because it didnt speak to my heart.

I cant tell you how many times I have picked up a vintage dress or top and immediately imagined wearing it and doing wonderful things!! eating a snocone in a light cotton top and cut off jeans, kissing a boy on my front porch in a sweet sundress, giggling with my girlfriends with our feet dipped in the lake.. you get the picture!

These items are the ones that I purchase! Some I keep original, but most I put my own spin on with sewing. My mama never taught me to sew, its a shame It took this long to figure out what I'm good at and what makes me feel whole!

I also adore making one of a kind dresses, especially sundresses. Every handmade item in my store is an original. I dont use patterns, or follow any old fashioned sewing "rules". Im self taught and love creating; more than anything. I will spend days and days on one dress. Listening to it tell me what it wants to become and granting its wishes ;).

If you have any questions please ask!!

I fully admit that I sound crazy; but alas, we cant change who we are!

My size chart is pretty standard. I will almost always add measurements to my listed items but if not its basically..Sometimes if an item has alot of strecth ill size it down.

2-4 xs
4-6 s
8-10 m
12-14 L
16-18 XL