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Handmade custom made art to wear lagenlook plus size / petite clothing, alternative wedding clothing.


Dominisova 16
Split, Croatia

37 High Street
Kent, CT5 1AP, UK

NervousWardrobe wedding dress has been recently featured on "Way Out Wedding" alternative weddings blog!:)) Thank you!!
"This is for cutting-edge brides who want a shot in the arm of structure and engineering. You definitely don’t get those folds, drapes and shapes in traditional boutiques. You’d not need to do much to this, either. I think some hot pink or blood red lipstick, and away you go."

NervousWardrobe was featured on the front page and voted as a project of the week on BurdaStyle!!

I am so happy to be back from my second maternity leave. Becoming a mum changes you in many wonderful ways. I feel inspired and ready to fight with a lack of time :).The most important thing (the one that's related and crucial for my future work) is that I have discovered becoming a mum changes your body so much. Most of my designs were already plus size and as you know, I always ask for customers measurements and make everything custom made (which I love), but I have decided to explore new ways in pattern making that will be even more versatile. This means offering one of a kind sample designs, along with made to order designs as before.
I've been blessed with a lovely customers so far and your feedback means everything to me. Handmade to me is a very personal process and I am looking forward to our new adventures.
Thank you for being so patient with me whilst taking time off to devote myself to becoming a mum:)
Love, Rada

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As we are all different, ordinary and extraordinary at the same time, NervousWardrobe is a bespoke clothing line, tailored to fit every woman perfectly, instead of tailoring ourselves to predetermined measurements.

The creative process of NervousWardrobe sees every customer as a co-traveller in this handmade world, every stitch is made by two hands using only natural fabrics (linen, silk, wool, cotton) and earthy, mostly autumn colours.

"Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy."
— Albert Einstein

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NervousWardrobe is a proud member of Croatian Street Team (CST), European Street Team (EST), UK Street Team and treasured in many beautiful treasuries made by our creative friends all over wide Etsy community.