Nevenah's Shop Announcement


I am a New Orleans artist working in many different media. With a background in jewelry and glass, I have a passion for making beautiful things. I am particularly inspired by New Orleans, the sea, water, nature, and Japanese art, notably ukiyo-e (woodblock prints).

Etched glass is my primary passion. I have done pieces ranging in size from martini glasses to glass walls. My designs grace a number of homes and restaurants in New Orleans, as well as businesses such as West Jefferson Hospital and the River Barge Excursions. My style tends toward intricate carvings, often involving more than ten layers. Some of my larger sculptural pieces have bases with built-in lighting--either neon or flourescent--so they change appearance depending on the amount of ambient light in the room. Due to the size and delicacy of these, I do not feel comfortable shipping them, but transportation may be arranged for those living within a day's drive of New Orleans. Maybe even within 2 day's drive.

Commissions are accepted on small pieces (vases, glasses, bowls, etc.) as well as sculptures. Larger architectural glass may be possible within geographic reason. Contact me if interested.