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Welcome...The women in our family have been creating hand dyed tarot silks, and traditional scrying mirrors for many generations. We are pleased to offer them to you here on Etsy...


As you enter this room, let the curtains fall behind you…Please sit, and feel the candle’s gentle flame touch the place in you where all things quietly stir.
Breath deeply, and listen…

I have been using the tarot since I was very young. The cards, and the Querrent are very familiar to me. I began reading for others 30 years ago, and have also been reading online for over 7 years.

There are many decks here to choose from, for your reading, and each has only been handled by myself. They are cleansed after each reading, to dispel the energy often left behind.

I am offering a variety of readings, and each one is very different from the others. As you look into each, listen carefully to your inner voice for guidance to the correct layout… for what you seek an answer to.
As we look over the layouts, I will explain carefully what it may encompass. But if you need help choosing, we will discuss it with you further.

Although most readers like to be provided with a question, I prefer that you ask silently. The less I know, the clearer your reading will be.
I am not a fortune teller…reading the tarot is a form of Divination, and my readings tend to speak to the inner self. Not always what one would like to hear, but be prepared…pleasant or unpleasant, you will be told what the cards are showing.
My readings are indepth, with line to Major Arcana numerology, and I will pull clarification cards if need be, at no additional cost…you will not be given an incomplete reading.

The Tarot Decks you may choose your reading from, are here…
Robin Wood

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