NightTerrorzOddities' Shop Announcement

---Welcome My Fellow Desertbus Fans!---

If you reached this store via the amazing Desert Bus for Hope and are thinking "hey, where da etched glass at?" then you should know that my main crafting output is actually steampunk jewelry and accessories. HOWEVER, because everyone seemed to like the glasses so much, I will try my best to get some up and running by mid December. I have a thesis to work on until then, but once that is dealt with I will be happy to do custom orders. If you want to get a request in now, feel free to send it, but I will not start working on any custom orders until that time.

Thanks! <3


Welcome to the Night Terrorz Items and Oddities shop.

Our jewelry is all one of a kind, and is hand made from clock and watch parts, found items and other Victorian, steampunk inspired objects.

Our glass products are all etched with hand designed stencils, using etching cream to give them an even and professional looking etched surface. They are dishwasher safe (except for any corks) and vary slightly.

Our printed items (t-shirts and bags) are all based on unique designs. Some of them are personally printed from hand carved stamps.

Plushies are machine and hand sewn with soft materials that make for great cuddling.

Feel free to message us with any questions (such as requests for adjustments or details).