NinasBeadFun's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my store!
Shipping for first item is $8.50. Shipping for any next item is $3.50, so more items - less price!

1 necklace $0.20 + $8.50 =$8.70
2 necklaces $ 0.40+$8.50+$3.50=$12.40 (6.20 for one)
3 necklaces $0.60+$8.50+$3.50+$3.50=16.10 (5.36 for one)
4 necklaces $0.80+$8.50+$3.50+$3.50+$3.50=19.80 (4.95 for one)
5 necklaces $1+$8.50+$3.50+$3.50+$3.50+$3.50=23.50 (4.70 for one)
et cetera...

Welcome to NinasBeadFun!
Find modern handmade jewelry for every taste & every occasion here!
Wide range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and key chains which will satisfy the tastes of those with sophisticated style to those who enjoy a casual look.

My creations are made of metals such as bronze and copper as well as various alloys in silver and gold colors. I also use a mixture of beads: lampwork beads, Swarovski crystals, glass, plastic and wooden beads and semi-precious stones.