NipNaps' Shop Announcement

Hello, Welcome to NipNaps! Pamper your perfect pet with a luxurious NipNap. An elegant handcrafted pillow for your feline friends, filled with Alaska Thunder Mountain Catnip. Kitties love these plush pillows to play and cuddle with, and they make a great gift for any cat or cat lover in your life!
I am very pleased to show off our first video showing just how much cats love their NipNaps. See for yourself how crazy our older (10 yrs) cats go for their NipNaps:
Alaska Thunder Mountain Catnip is of the highest quality, and ten times stronger than store bought catnip. With over 18 hours of sunlight in the summer and a cool climate, the catnip can retain the most essential oil. It is handpicked and 100% all natural and organic and truly of a superior quality.

NipNaps' Shop Policies


Welcome to NipNaps! We strive to make the highest quality cat pillows we can. Each one is handcrafted and kitty-tested to ensure that the catnip inside can be smelled by a sensitive kitty-nose. All NipNaps get their pictures taken with our cat, Sarah, but will be cleaned thoroughly with a lint roller before being sent to you and your kitties. If you have any questions please let us know!


We would like payment as soon as possible, but if something comes up and you are unable to pay or need some time, please let us know, we're very flexible and understanding with everyone's situation.


Shipping usually happens the day of a sale (we have a special package shipping box at our post office that is open until 9 pm) but we would like to reserve 3 business days in order to ship a sale, just in case something comes up, however unlikely.

Refunds and Exchanges

Due to the nature of the item, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges if your kitty chews a hole in the fabric or it is otherwise damaged, unless it is somehow damaged upon arrival. Please contact us within 15 days of the shipping date and let us know, and we can work out an exchange.

Additional Policies and FAQs

Please send us a convo if you have any questions at all. We are open to Wholesale and consignment orders and are very flexible.

Last Updated March 3, 2011