NorCalWoodDesign's Shop Announcement

Thank you for stopping by the premier cutting board shop on Etsy. We have been selling personalized cutting boards here for years, and have shipped thousands to happy customers across the globe! These personalized cutting boards make great gifts for almost any occasion. Give it as a wedding gift, or give it to your groomsmen and maids of honor as a thank you gift, or simply give it to the chef who appreciates fine craftsmanship. It is an honor for us to create these unique cutting boards, and to know that they are being used and displayed in thousands of kitchens across the Earth brings a smile to our face!

Although we may not be the "original" cutting board sellers on Etsy, we come from a long line of accomplished woodworkers who have crafted fine wood furniture since the early 1900's. We know how to make many intricate and large furniture pieces, so rest assured when you buy a cutting board from us, you are buying an art piece crafted from these many years of knowledge that have been passed down through generations.


We love what we do. That's what makes buying a board from us so easy. From the ordering, to the day you open the package, we are sure you will have the best experience possible.

Bulk orders are also welcome. We have done bulk orders for large businesses, clubs, and more, and will give you the best pricing on these large orders.

EVERY domestic order is shipped Priority Mail. Why? Because we believe that the less time in transit, the less time for damage, errors, and impatient customers! From the time it is dropped off at the PO, it will be a maximum of 3 days until you receive.

EACH board is handmade from start to finish. NO part of the process is outsourced.

EACH board is carefully hand sanded with a fine grit sandpaper sanding machine. This gives it a shiny, super smooth finish that is almost glass like in feel.


Although there are many cutting board "makers" here on Etsy, many fall short our strict quality standards. Our cutting boards meet the most important criteria in woodworking. They are HANDCRAFTED from locally sourced lumber, and they are never outsourced to anyone, not even different makers in our own shop. One person makes each and every cutting board that leaves our shop, meaning that every one is made to the exact same strict standards of quality, not quantity. Each board is made from solid wood, meaning there are no layered woods, and each cutting board has a beautiful end grain. Each cutting board is also shipped in 100% recycled boxes, including upcycled stuffing. We are environmentally conscious, with a minimal waste business. Make sure you comb through the listings and shop announcements of other cutting boards "makers" on here, as you may be surprised they are lacking these simple qualities.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.