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2 years

I am so glad that you all could just drop in, I acquired this huge lot of absolutely beautiful sunrise shells! open_mouthsunglassesinnocentheart_eyesheart_eyesheart_eyes Wanted to let everyone know that this is a golden opportunity for quality shells at a great price! Contact me for further details!

3 years

rainbowCustom earrings! All sizes, colors, choose your design or mine. Anything goes! rainbowGreat holiday gift and works well with my gift certificate. Check it out and send me a message, I'd love to hear from you ! rainbowWear a piece of Hawaii every day.

3 years

Alot of brand new shells just in, this is a small sample of the Hawaiian Moonrises! Please click on the red "E" to view more info and photos. Custom jewelry always available, just ask! Have a sunny day!