NorthcreekWoodworks' Shop Announcement

Each deck is constructed from 5 plys of 1/16" Maple veneer, with alternating face veneers. All seven plys are laminated using high-grade epoxy in a vacuum bag press. The decks are then sanded to fine grit and reinforced with 4 oz. S-glass and epoxy to provide a spring-loaded board with responsive flex. From there the glassed blanks are precision drilled and routed with a CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machine. After some finish sanding and shaping, a final flat sheen UV protective polyurethane coating is administered in a closed spray booth. Additional coats are applied to the top of each deck in 3 alternating applications of silica sand and polyurethane to provide a lightweight, clear grip.

Northcreek Skateboards are produced in Newport, RI as a side project of Northcreek Woodworks

Please do not hesitate to email me at Travowright [!at] with questions about any skateboards models

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