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Our cabins on Rainy Lake..Dad hauled all the rock and lumber..waves slopping into the boat
Dad taught me not to accept mediocre berries, so we would walk or canoe miles to find the biggest berries to make jam.
NW connection with nature has always been the cornerstone of my work.
Colorado cabin built 1926. My studio window allows me a beautiful view of nature which inspires all my creations.
The view from our meadow. Tava....the mountain of the Sun

Cabin Sweet Cabin

My very first memories are living on Rainy Lake in NW Ontario..I was awakened by the call of crows in the morning. After a delicious breakfast of wild blueberries or raspberries atop a stack of pancakes, I often joined my dad exploring the forests and lakes around me. My dad was an amazing mentor..filling my brain with the wonders of Science and instilling a deep respect for Nature within my soul.

For most of my life, I have chosen to honour the simple lifestyle of my childhood by living in cabins..either on a lake, next to a creek, or high on a mountain ridge. Living in a cabin is like being on a vacation every day.

I find great serenity in connecting with Nature, and have chosen to be a Biologist as a career..even though I would gladly walk around in the woods for FREE, it's nice to be paid to do what I love so much.

My mother was an amazing artist and in charge of "rainy day" activities..on Rainy Lake, you do have some rainy days..Mom taught me to sew, knit, embroider and gave me the creative license I needed to share my love of the outdoors in my work.
Patti Kryzanowski
Owner, Designer, Maker
I was raised on an island in NW Ontario, surrounded by the beautiful waters of Rainy Lake. There I developed a deep appreciation for Nature and the wildlife around me. My work is intended to reflect and share my love of our beautiful planet with you.

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