NotByLaser's Shop Announcement

Giving new life for the LP destined to the dump

Why NotByLaser?
It's simple really. Everything I do is handmade... by me. That and after explaining to people that I don't use a laser cutter, the three words eventually stuck for me and looked pretty neat next to each other without spaces.

My Story:
A while back, I had a friend that was graduating and handing down his belongings. I received a vinyl record. I hung it up in our dining room as decoration among other music themed items and thought that records make really fun art. I looked online at some of the things people were doing with records and found the bowls. I statuettes collecting old, unplayable records and After making a few I then saw the Salvador Dali style clock and made some melted record clocks. At this time I had to find cheap thrift store clocks and rip them apart to get to the mechanism inside. I had seen some clocks that were laser cut into designs and thought that there had to be a way to do it by hand. After a quick brainstorming session I went out and bought an exacto knife and grabbed one of my wife's candles..... Yup it took about 6 hours to finish one design. About a month later a friend saw my work and gave me a tool that I took home and modified to work and that has been evolving ever since, thus the birth of NotByLaser. Today I am involved in Farmer's Market, ArtWalk, and have shops across Idaho and Montana that house some of my work. Now, because of Etsy, there are houses all across America with my works. This has been a great experience and a fun pastime. I hope you enjoy the records as much as I do.

I take custom orders if you email me @ notbylaser [!at] I will make your piece and put it up on here for you to purchase or we can make the transfer another way.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.