NouveauMotley's Shop Announcement

★Welcome to Nouveau Motley; a Neo-Victorian wonder emporium!★
Purveyor of fine antiques and home to exceptional Steampunk and upcycled jewelry of the highest caliber for the discriminating Neo-Victorian enthusiast. Meticulously hand crafted in the studio of Rachael Victoria Adams, many of the hand crafted pieces feature found objects from the Art Deco and Victorian periods repurposed into wearable works of art. Often combining antique clockworks with genuine skulls and beetles, Rachael instills a compelling air of bio-mechanical Memento Mori into the Steampunk jewelry she creates.

Nouveau Motley is the original creator of The Kafka Clock; Miniature works of Steampunk inspired art featuring genuine beetles and upcycled Victorian clockworks, and The Ossuary Relic; Steampunk necklaces featuring genuine skulls, feathers, and gemstones.
Nouveau- [NOO-voh] adj. Recently created, developed, or come to prominence. New and different, often fashionably so.

Motley- [MOT-lee] noun. Vary: make something more diverse and varied. A woolen fabric of mixed colors made in England between the 14th and 17th centuries: the traditional costume of the Court jester or the Harlequin character in Commedia dell'arte.
My work has been featured on television and in the press. To see what other people are saying about Nouveau Motley please see my profile:
**Unique Designs in Steampunk Jewelry**

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