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10 months

Raw quartz crystal. I love symbolism. Crystals lend meaning to the source of light to humanity.

1 year

Bonding with my new-to-me workbench tonight. I recently acquired a well-loved jeweler's bench from a watch repairman that crafted his work for over 65 years. Gratitude for the customized mandrel holes...as I contemplate his time behind this worn treasure.

1 year

Reverent vintage rosaries and crosses...for a statement necklace of significance, with an air of veneration as a tangible memorial. I favor joyfully creating one-of-a-kind pieces to settle my contentious mindset for mass-produced fashion brands. Be well.

1 year

Digging through old stuff today

1 year

Just scored oversized lustrous pearls! Yes, I'll be combining them with leather...but in an offbeat way, of course. I'll keep you posted.

2 years

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...A yellow citrine necklace is unbelievably dreamy.