NuovaVitaLLC's Shop Announcement

The name Nuova Vita means “new life” in Italian. This name came to Francesca as an inspiration, and describes the realization of a dream. Francesca hopes the name of her company, Nuova Vita, LLC and all it represents will inspire others to follow their dreams and know that every day is a new beginning and an opportunity to create a new life!

Nuova Vita is born…a “NEW LIFE” for Francesca and a dream come true! Originating from her desire to design carefree, yet fashion forward clothing in lush fabrics, Nuova Vita is the contemporary woman’s fashion statement!

Ever since she can remember, Francesca loved everything about the fashion industry. She grew up in Oceanside, NY, treasuring a very close relationship with her Grandma Rose and Aunt Sadie, both dress makers. Even as a young child, Francesca sensed the skill of these two women and their uncanny ability to “spin straw into gold!” This made a deep impression upon her. She remembers standing in front of her mirror as a little girl, creating outfits inspired by fabrics she found in her grandmother’s workshop. Growing up in a family of dress-makers fueled Francesca’s desire to be a creative force in the fashion industry, and she imagined designing her own clothing line.

With an innate artistic sense and a flair for design, Francesca is a natural. Yet, from the beginning she realized a dream without a plan is only a wish. Francesca understood building a strong foundation in the “business” of fashion would help realize her dream. She completed the first step by graduating from the University of Delaware with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Next, she worked in New York City as an intern for a Fashion Magazine and Louis Vuitton. Progressing steadily, Francesca then landed a job in the Merchandising Department of Hugo Boss’ NYC location. It was there she learned, first-hand, the business of fashion.

Francesca’s recent move to South Florida re-energized her passion which resulted in her inspiration to develop the Nuova Vita Collection. The entire Nuova Vita collection, as well as the unique assortment of jewelry, exude the same carefree, independent and spirited attitude Nuova Vita represents.