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Wall Decals for Kids rooms and the baby nursery are a great way to instantly transform a wall. Our wall decals are simple to install by peel and stick like a large sticker. We have a large number of Nursery Wall Stickers in several different designs. In addition, we are the only company that has Color My Decal, a proprietary program that allows you to design the decal with your colors and instantly see a preview of the wall sticker. Childrens, Kids Rooms, and Nurseries have never been easier to decorate.

We have a great video that is only about 5 minutes long explaining the difference between fabric and vinyl decals, what type of textures you can apply the decal to, how to apply the decal, how to order on Etsy, and how to use Color My Decal. It can be seen here

Color My Decal links are located on the listing description if offered on the design. Please copy and paste the link into your browser to use. We highly recommend ordering a color chart so you can see the printed colors as we will not be responsible for how the preview looks on your computer screen with your monitor settings. Your computer may not be calibrated for printed colors and it displays in RGB instead of CMYK. So please order a color chart to be sure of the color if this is important to you. Let us know what you think of our new previewing program!

We have 3 full time employees and myself working here. In addition we have 4 large printers and 4 cutters to handle the orders we receive. This is important because we have people dedicated to shipping orders, to responding to emails, to working on the Color My Decal files, and to creating new products. There are many shops who try to do it all without employees but they will soon begin to falter in one area or another. We could not be as successful without every team member and I am proud to be able to create jobs in the US. As the business grows we will add more employees and more equipment to continue to provide excellent service.

Currently we have the shops

1. NurseryDecalsNMore
2. NurseryDecalsNMore2
3. NurseryDecalsandMore

We are in the process of reorganizing our shops now. We will have all our BOY decals in this shop and all our GIRL decals in our NurseryDecalsNMore2 shop in an effort to have better organization and prevent the need to order from 2 shops. There are 5 additional Etsy shops who are associated with us.

1. WallDressings
2. JamberryWallDecals
3. Studio23WallDecals
4. WallDecalsRUs
5. WallMuralDecal

These shops belong to family, friends and 2 employees of my shop. They make the designs for their shops and fulfill the orders they get. So please buy with confidence from those shops because we manufacture the decals for them.

WARNING ...There are a lot of fraudulent shops that are popping up on etsy. If you don't buy from us please use caution in who you decide to purchase from. Click on the shop name and then look at the date the shop was opened, the number of sales they have had, the number of reviews they have, and the number of items in their shop. If the shop is less than 2 months old AND they have 300+ items for sale then the shop is likely fraudulent unless it is a new sister shop of an existing established shop (in which case you should verify the new shop by contacting the owner of the established shop). Fraudulent shops will often buy a couple of items from their own shop to write fake reviews for the first few reviews so reviews are not always a reliable means of determining fraud. A new shop with lots of items is very likely to be fraudulent.


Cherie Alexander

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.