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Nymph~ noun /nimf/ - Of Roman & Greek Mythology, any numerous minor deities conceived of beautiful maidens inhabiting nature such as streams, rivers, waterfalls, the woods, a meadow, mountains, caves and forests.

Inspired by the ancient jewels of the Etruscans, Egyptians, Eastern Indians and Afghanistan. Tribal, ethnic, earthy while exuding elegance.

Dug from the ground, resurrected artifacts and treasures.
Precious and semi precious stones that heal, enhance and feel good from the inside out.
Nymph is created for those who dare to be different and fearless in self expression.

Gemstones come to us from Earth. They carry many healing properties, and help aid in removing obstacles in our lives,emotionally, metaphysically and mentally. Gemstones are more than beautiful adornments. They tell stories, fill voids and aid in balance and harmony.

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Last Updated February 10, 2013