ONEJEWELS' Shop Announcement

One came a life 7years ago, as an illusion of one girl who wanted to create a whole new jewellery world, a mix of antic forgotten pieces with a unique actual design.

Nowadays Cristina Cerqueda, designs and carries her dream away from her atelier in Barcelona, a very private place just aside from the famous Turó Parc.

One team travels all around the World looking for that unique jewel, broken pieces, forgotten necklaces, rareties no one else would ever buy, but once thoses pieces arive at Barcelona they are dismounted and re-designed becoming a One unique in tipy and quantity.

Cristina Cerqueda is the Designer, born in Andorra, arranges her life between Barcelona and her country. Fervent lover of fusion and fashion, plays wiht history and actuality in order to crate unique jewel for unique pleople.

The One House is located on Bori i fontestá number 3, just a side of the Turó Parc, where you can enjoy of all One’s creations and take a pleasant cup of coffee, te or a Champage glass.

Welcome to our world...