Oak Myth Masks and Leathercraft

A picture of the Peacock mask! This piece will be featured in a documentary :)
Eve hauling leather for the workshop, and paper bags for templates.
Future mask maker cuts out her design at our 2011 winter workshop.
Our booth at the Berkeley Pagan Festival 2012
Masks decorating our booth at the 2011 FaerieWorlds festival in Eugene, Oregon.

Fantasy Inspired Wearable Art and Costumery

It began with two friends with two unique skill sets: Eve and Ashley, two creative souls with a passion for the fantastical and otherworldly. One a careful crafter, the other a spirited painter. Together, our powers combined to create the ultimate super artisans: Team Oak Myth!

Working out of a tiny apartment bedroom with shelves and storage furniture stacked to the ceiling, our brains are a constant flood of ideas and possibilities. Hammer's pounding at Eve's table. Paints splattering around Ashley's desk. Pieces of leather being tossed from one lady to the other. It's a room filled with the dance of chaotic creation, and our music is wild laughter.

Inspired by our adventurous nature and crazy dreams, Oak Myth crafts and creates delightful wearable artwork for any and all to enjoy. We have big imaginations, but we adore working with the imaginations of others as well. Few things delight us more than sharing our artwork with the world.
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A wild thing with an addiction to creativity in all of its magical forms. I love climbing tress, running barefoot, animal friends, and funky music. Oh, and I'm kind of a ridiculous silly weirdo. Approach if you dare!
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