OddBoundArt's Shop Announcement

Where'd the bottle cap images go? Don't worry, they're now available for FREE on our Facebook Page at . Just look for the photo album - you'll find them all. So what's here now? A new endeavor mixing writing, art, poetry and crafts.

It was time to shake things up, go out on a limb, combine all my creative loves into one, and do something that borders on crazy! Odd Bound is a unique and experimental way of telling the story of a group of fictional poets. Instead of writing one novel, the story of the Odd Bound poets is gradually revealed through their poetry, books, stories, and other creative expressions. They are not bound together between the covers of a single book.

The narrative of their lives is documented in the work that each character produces. It’s in the poems they publish in literary journals, their books, and even in the objects they make and sell in the Odd Bound shop.

In a sense, it is a story that has leaped off of the page and into reality all in an attempt to bring you back to the page.

Confused? Don't worry, I got confused too. It's not easy to explain, but if you follow along on our Facebook page, you'll eventually get it. Maybe. If nothing else you can grab the bottle cap images for free there.