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Announcement   Custom and made to order diaries have moved! See them at their new home at https://gypsywytchdiaries.com/shop/


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Custom and made to order diaries have moved! See them at their new home at https://gypsywytchdiaries.com/shop/

Afura Nefertiti

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Afura Nefertiti


GypsyWitch Magick Diaries by OddSoul Designs

The Gypsy-Witch Diaries are my custom handcrafted spellbooks and spiritual journals designed to keep magick and imagination part of your daily practice. "Gypsy-Witch Magick Diaries" is also the title of my charmed lifestyle blog.


As a little girl, I always knew I had a gift. Even during the first months, I was often seen staring gravely at my hands, examining them front to back, as if in awe of what they might some day create. When I found I was able to wrap my fingers around a pencil, I began mediating between the "real" world and the realms of imagination; a translator between fantasy and reality. Worlds began to spill from the paintbrush, and Universes emerged from the pen.

But they told me that magic wasn't real, that the faerie world was something only to be enjoyed in storybooks, and never to be confused with spirituality. The real world was a serious place, and in a time of crisis on Earth, there wouldn't be a purpose for artists and dreamers. A dark cloud rolled in and cast a shadow over the floating castles of my childhood. A rift began to emerge, a great divide, separating my inner truth from my daily mask. The magic faded to blacks and grays, but never disappeared completely...

Before I knew it, it was already time to be a grownup, and the only way to survive in the real world seemed to be harden my expression, to change my disguise and compete for the last crumb of bread. It was sink or swim, and the one who was the best at putting aside ones dreams was always the one to get the job. Just when it seemed I'd begun to succeed at surviving in the real world, a beautiful thing happened... I failed.

Magick has a funny way of calling us back when we begin to lose our way, and I remembered that I was never meant to "survive in the real world"... I was always meant to thrive in a world of enchantment... so I decided to create one. I'd had the power in my hands all along to alchemize the magical realm into the physical, to turn trash into treasure, and to offer it as a gift to anyone with the Sight to see the magick.

When finally I shook off the glamour and revealed myself as the natural witch, the fairy queen I'd hidden away, I discovered to My great delight that the real world needed my gifts after all, and welcomed me with open arms and an ironic smile.

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  • Afura Wonderland Witch

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    I'm an Artisan and eclectic Witch, infusing Art with Magick. My goal as a spirit-based business owner is to spread light by living my dream and inspiring you to live yours.

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