OffCenterClay's Shop Announcement

Welcome! If you are interested in handmade, high-fire stoneware and porcelain pottery thrown with the emphasis on gesture and movement, then maybe you'll find something you like here.

Many years ago I learned to throw perfectly centered pots. Now, I believe some of my best pots are thrown without being perfectly centered or are deliberately knocked off center after being centered—thus the name, Off Center Clay. A good pot is every bit as expressive as the best painting or sculpture, plus functional ceramic art appeals to the sense of touch more than any other art form—a hot cup of tea in your hand, a cup of coffee to your lips.

All the pots that are made to contain food or drink are food-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe.

In order to pack pots to prevent the Post Office and UPS from damaging them, they have to be very carefully packed with a lot of packing material, so shipping is expensive, especially internationally.

If you buy multiple items the shipping charge may be considerably more than the actual cost. If it is I will send you a refund for the overcharge. If you are buying multiple items and think the shipping charge is too much, let me know, but keep in mind that shipping pottery is very expensive because of the weight of fired clay and its fragility.

The closer you live to Georgia, the cheaper the shipping.


I do ship internationally. You can find the cost of shipping in the store unless you live in a country that I do not ship to because of problems with delivery, customs or insurance or because other retailers have reported problems shipping to the country you live in (such as Italy, Russia, and Brazil). Shipping will be expensive because the over-packing necessary to avoid breakage adds weight to the package. If It turns out I can ship for significantly less than you were charged (likely if you buy several items) I will refund the overpayment.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.