OhBoyFlamingSoy's Shop Announcement

April 15, 2014
Have you checked out my new All-Natural Lemon Sugar Scrub? It's exactly what every mother needs to pamper herself, so enter coupon code MOTHERSDAY to save $3 today!

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<3 you all!

I'm very picky about what I sell! Any questions, comments, or suggestions are SO welcome!

I sell only giclees of my drawings and paintings. They're archival quality paper and dye, and the paper is textured like canvas or velvet. They're amazing prints and worth every penny!

I like to make homemade soy candles, photography, charcoal and marker drawings, paintings done with acrylics, and sugar scrub.

I make my candles only from things I have around my apartment, things people give me, or are bought from thrift stores. A.K.A. RECYCLED!

Also, if something is in the "Custom Stuff" section, it's meant for someone who requested a custom item. If you ordered a custom item, that's where to look for it! Don't worry, I'm an update kind of person... I'll keep you "in the know" about your custom things... ANY things for that matter.

Also also, I love doing custom things! Especially candles!

I know that $12 - $25 seems like a lot of money for a candle, but think about it this way: Soy burns at least two times longer than regular wax. I personally have a 3" by 3" cube soy candle that I've had burning for a minimum of 60 hours and it's still about 1/4 full! It's like buying two or three candles, not just one. Not to mention that the soy throws scent better, making it more strong and pure. The candles also burn cleaner, emitting much less soot than other waxes if you keep the wick trimmed to 1/4".

Custom orders are welcome welcome welcome as always!
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